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Volume 7 - Year 2006
9. Waiting or Delayed?
8. Why Grieve Your Comforter?
7. From Shame to Fame
6. Eyes Need Light To See
5. Fasting As A Way Of Life
4. Shopping With God's Credit Card
3. God Is The Widow's Husband
2. Would You Die For The Guilty?
1. A Word In Season
10. God's House Is Bigger than Your Church
11. Has God Called You Yet?
12. Why Settle For Less?
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13. The Word of God as Fire in Your Mouth
14. See What People Do In God's Name!
15. The True God Can Always Defend Himself!
16. Why Envy The Wicked?
17. What Are You Good For?
18. Are You a Prophet or Fortune-Teller?
19. A Shrub in the Desert or A
Tree by the Waters?
20. Are You Reserved or Rejected?
21. Can You Stand By Your Convictions?
22. Where Are the Dependable Role Models?
23. This Hardship Shall Pass!
24. Are You Unbiased or Compromised?
25. That Bad News May Be For Your Good!
26. Long Distance Love
27. Would you inherit your father's liabilities?
28. Picking up the pieces
29. Are you open-minded or empty-minded?
30. Why wait yet refuse to obey?
31. Rewarding a faithful assistant
33. Deceitful Service is Self-Deceit!
32. Only God Heals