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Volume 2 - Year 2001
1. New Year Resolutions
2. A Job Without Vacation
3. Giving
4. Managing Your Blessings
5. That Indelible Mark
6. Fasting Or Starving?
7. Send A Knee-Mail To God
8. If You Think Faith Is So Hard, Try Expertise!
9. Satan Has No Blood
10. The Handwriting On Your Wall
12. Watch That Big Mouth!
13. My Tongue To Bless
14. Let God Choose Your Spouse!
15. Happily Married Everyday For Life
16. Earth's Immigrants or Heaven's Diplomats?
17. Getting Prompt Responses To Your Prayers
18. Order Your Next Hamburger From Heaven
19. Why Won't They Leave Me Alone?
20. Everybody Is Not Doing It
22. Admiration or Envy?
21. Learn To Say "Thank You"
23. Testimony or Bragging?
24. Happy Death-Day!
25. Walk Your Destiny
26. Stars Come Out At Night
27. The Sole Of Your Foot, Not Of Your Shoe
28. Selfish or Smart?
29. Jesus-Bashing Is Dangerous To Your Hereafter
30. The Best Place To Hide Is In The Open
11. Friendship Is Like An Insurance Policy
31. The Church In Your House
32. Sin Is More Deadly Than HIV/AIDS