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Volume 12 - Year 2011
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1. Table Manners In God's Kingdom
2. Hate Sin But Not The Sinner!
3. Entitled Or Deserving?
4. Work For Others As If Self-Employed!
5. Don't Gamble With Your Hereafter!
6. Duty Is A Privilege!
7. When Last Did You Say 'Thank You'?
8. Pray As If Fighting For Your Rights!
9. Let God Blow Your Trumpet!
10. Your Status Is Taller Than Your Stature!
11. Your Voice Is Only A Microphone!
12. Get Introduced To Jesus!
13. This Mother Knows Best!
14. So You Are Born Again!
15. Know Your Place!
16. Which Jesus Do You Know?
17. Hang In There!
18. God Does Not Waste!
19. To Quit On Jesus Is To Quit On Life!
20. Wait For Your Right Moment!
21. You Might Not Go Free Next Time!
22. Are You Too Afraid To Speak Or
Uphold The Truth?
23. Can You Give All Away For Love's Sake?
24. Your True Identity Can Be Questioned!
25. Is Your Hope Dead Or Asleep?
26. Are You Ever So Near But Never There?
27. By What Examples Do You Lead?
29. In His Father's House