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Volume 9- Year 2008
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1. No Place To Hide!
2. Knowing When To Give Up
3. Don't Let Locusts Eat Your Blessings!
4. You Are Endowed For God's Work!
5. The Valley of Decision
6. Dead Fruits Or Dead Roots?
7. Lightning Always Precedes Thunder!
8. Are You An Enabler Or A Spoiler?
9. Are You In A Spiritual Famine?
10. Is God Angry With You?
11. Let It Go!
12. The High Cost Of Deferred Obedience
13. God Needs Your Cooperation Not Understanding!
14. Power Is A Coward!
15. On His Majesty's Service (OHMS)!
16. From The Unexpected To The Exceptional!
17. God's Anger Is As Elastic As Your Rebellion!
18. Gossip Feet Or Gospel Feet?
19. To Be Backslidden Is Not Being Progressive!
20. Faith Watching
21. Proper Conduct In God's House
22. Are You A Shameful Or Shameless Sinner?
23. Reorder Your Priorities!
24. Every Privilege Has Responsibilities!
25. Satan Prosecutes Only The Righteous!
26. Spiritual Power Outage!
27. People Repeat History!
28. Riding Christ's Coattails!
29. The High Road Is Unpaved!
30. Around The World In One Day!
31. Is God The Father Of All?
32. God Robbers!
33. The Sun Of Righteousness Never Sets!
34. What Is In A Family Tree?
35. Can You Trust Your Spouse?
36. Knowing When To Run!
37. The Humble Boss
38. Temptation Is Not A Sin!
39. How To Join Christ's Team
40. Be A Victor Not A Victim!